Herbal Slimming Tea 14 Day Program

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dr.Thé Slimming teas offer  with the multiple extraordinary ingredient Herbs like Senna  (Senna alexandrina),Terminalia chebula/Terminalia bellirica,Carum Seeds(Trachyspermum ammi),Terminalia bellirica/Belliric Myrobalan,Cinnamon (Cinnamomomum verum),Emblic (Phyllanthus emblica)  decrease the rate of dietary carbohydrate conversion to fat and cholesterol while increasing glycogen production. It suppresses appetite thus reducing food consumption It also potentially increases caloric burning there by elevating the body's production of heat. It is nature's answer to weight loss. 


Herbal Tea
What are the super ingredients ❦ Senna (Senna alexandrina) ❦ Terminalia chebula/Terminalia bellirica ❦ Carum Seeds(Trachyspermum ammi) ❦ Terminalia bellirica/ Belliric Myrobalan ❦ Cinnamon (Cinnamomomum verum) ❦ Emblic (Phyllanthus emblica)
What is inside ☑ 1 Bag X 2 Grams X 28 String Tag Bags = 56 Grams
How to drink ☕ Place a Tea bag in a cup of boiling water (175 ml) and leave for 3-4 minutes .Press the tea bag with a spoon to get the goodness and the flavor in full.Add sugar if desired. ☕ One for every morning One every night (starting Day 1 after your last meal or before bedtime)
What are the Benifits ♥ Fat Burning ♥ Curbs Appetite ♥ Antioxidant ♥ Digestive ♥ Cleansing ♥ Anti-bacterial ♥ Natural Laxative ♥ Digestive ♥ Antacid ♥ Digestive aid

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Excellent choice of slimming tea .Try Guys

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